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Leading from your Best Self

Develop Executive Poise, Presence and Influence to Maximize Your Potential 

Published by McGraw-Hill

Great leaders connect with others while always staying true to themselves. The exercises and techniques in this illuminating guide are designed to help readers discover and develop an authentic leadership style that works at every level and in every situation. Developed by executive coach Rob Salafia, this individualized approach uses many of the techniques employed by actors, martial artists, and meditation experts to help unlock a leader’s Best Self.

Rob Salafia the Author

Rob combines two decades of experience as a top leadership development executive with a well-established career in the performing arts. He is known for creating long-lasting client relationships and supporting executives through transformative learning experiences. Rob has a passion for helping leaders develop their presence, tell compelling stories and establish authentic connections, in order to deliver on their business goals and development plans. He assists leaders to share vision and strategy in a compelling way that connects and is relevant to every person in the room. This is particularly effective for executives working through disruptive change and business transformation that will require people power up and sustain performance for an extended period of time… Read more

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