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Effortless Executive Presence

16 Week, Virtual Program containing 4 Modules to elevate your Executive Presence

Program overview

This accelerator program consists of 4 Modules over 16 weeks

Live, Interactive Virtual Sessions

8 live, interactive virtual sessions, 2 per module:
• 2-hour main content session
• 90-minute review and application session

E-Learning Platform

myQuest e-Learning support program

Supporting Materials

Inter-module assignments and reinforcement tools


Weekly 60 second video lessons

Includes 6-month FREE enrollment

1:1 Coaching

optional on request
• PRINT Assessment
• Agile Brain Snapshot

Fast Track Your Executive Level Readiness

Starts Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 11 AM ET – Hosted by Rob Salafia

List price $2800. Save 20% as a past participant, now only $2240 (saving $560)

Program Details

Accordion Content

Presence is described as how we show up physically, mentally, and emotionally and the impact that we have on the people and environment around us. Executive Presence is specifically the impact that we have within the context of our role and culture, and how we move our agenda forward in a collaborative and win-win-win manner.

This module will introduce the foundational elements of presence, and give clear, tangible, practical ways to enhance and apply in the current virtual environment.

We will work on the following concepts and skills:

  • Defining the presence of a leader
  • Practices forgetting present and managing daily transitions
  • Projecting physical vitality and vocal expressiveness
  • Landing messages with impact

We all have experienced times when we have shown up as the  best versions of ourselves. Are we aware of these moments, and  are we able to bring our Best Self with us even in the most  challenging situations? Can we connect authentically with senior  leaders and delivery teams? Are we able to listen mindfully and  engender trust and loyalty?

In this module we will explore the concept of the Best Self and  practice story sharing to discover our own keys to being  extraordinary. At the same time, we will learn to recognize the  best qualities and attributes of others through the art of relating  and authentic connection.

We will work on the following concepts and skills:

  • Sharing our personal operating principles and work styles
  • Building authentic relationships based on earned trust
  • Best Self story sharing 
  • Mindful listening – Demonstrate understanding and practicing inquiry skills

Storytelling is a method of communicating a complex idea in a clear and powerful way. Human beings learn from experience – their own and others – through stories. Stories create an indelible message and are a container for sharing one’s values, important life lessons, and the impact we have had on our clients. 

In this module we will introduce you to the Why, How and What of storytelling. We will work through both the structure of a great story as well as what it takes to “be” a storyteller.

We will work on the following concepts and skills:

  • Values exploration and story identification
  • Direct narrative storytelling techniques
  • Individual storytelling skill development

Stepping into leadership moments to communicate inspirational  messages involves a personal investment, expressive and  impactful delivery, and clear, tailored words that resonate in the  ears and hearts of one’s audience.

In this module, we will introduce 4 tools for understanding our intended audiences and creating momentum behind our ideas in order to inspire meaningful actions. 

We will focus on 4 tools that can be utilized to create momentum: 

  • Persuasion 
  • Intention
  • Metaphor and analogy 
  • Narrative structures

We will work on the following concepts and skills:

  • Staying present and open under stress
  • Using templates and tools to tailor messages
  • Incoporating narrative structures to enhance impact of the  messages
  • Developing a strategic mindset
  • Create adoption and gain momentum behind our ideas


To join this amazing accelerator program, click the link below and select a time for a call with Rob Salafia. He will contact you at a time that suits you to discuss the options.

Meet Rob

Driven by a passion to coach business leaders to develop their presence, tell compelling stories, and establish authentic connections, Rob Salafia combines two decades of experience as a top leadership development executive with a stellar past career in the performing arts.

In his current professional role, he assists leaders in their quests to build sharper levels of emotional and narrative intelligence, transition into higher organizational levels, and share their visions and strategies in compelling and relevant ways.

Great storytellers are willing to open themselves up and allow us to be in the story with them. We feel what they feel. We see what they see. And, most of all, we gain the realization and insight from the experience that they have had. Their story is our story.


“Rob is great to work with…he really cares about listening to your requirements, bringing that brief to life and delivering on it. He’s always curious, engaged, motivated, highly flexible and reliable and delivers what he says he will!”

Laura Ellis Director of Global Talent – Sony Music Entertainment

Rob is a well-grounded and well-rounded coach. He taught me the power of story-telling. It has meant a great deal in my development as a leader. He is able to select the right combination of exercises for the right time.

Peter Penning IT Manager - ING Bank

Rob makes leaders shine. I engaged Rob to help coach and train two performing CEO’s in facilitation and speech delivery. Rob used a conversational and casual coaching style which helped disarm the mechanical/processed sequencing often associated in these trainings.

Timothy Wong Sr. Manager - YPO

As my coach, Rob motivated me to work hard and guided me to develop the skills necessary to deliver an engaging and relevant presentation to 500 credit risk officers. His dedication to my development and his ability to challenge at just the right time enabled me to bring my story to life.

Darryl Fess President and CEO - Brookline Bank

As chair of the speaker committee for a conference that my firm recently held, I invited Rob to be our morning keynote. Rob exceeded our expectations with an engaging and relevant message for our audience. We even surveyed our participants as a follow up to the event and Rob received rave reviews.

Jessi Ryan Vice President of Business Consulting - IMA Financial Group, Inc.

When I watch Rob working with senior leaders there are couple of words that come to mind: passion, authenticity, helping others to transform, compelling and engaging. Last but not least a pleasure to work with!

Ewa Wisniewska Talent Management - NN Insurance Group

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