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What can leaders learn from the Performing Arts? Do you need your leaders to be better Storytellers? Are you looking for an unorthodox and effective way to enhance the executive presence of your leaders? 
Rob Salafia workshop


Rob has spoken to thousands of leaders across the globe on the topics of leadership presence, influence, storytelling, and personal brand. He has a knack for inspiring leaders to live and lead from their best and most authentic selves.

Rob Salafia


Rob is an MIT Leadership Center Master Executive Coach who has worked with hundreds of mid-career leaders a year in the Sloan Fellows, EMBA and AMP programs. In addition, he is used as a strategic resource at Harvard Business School.

Rob Salafia leader workshop


Rob utilizes two decades of experience, as a top leadership development executive, creating customized learning experiences that allow participants to increase self awareness, building skills, and make transformational shifts in their daily leadership behaviors.

Top Team Development – Rob engages with teams to build the relational fabric necessary to draw out the collective intelligence of each member and create sustained high performance.

What is Executive Presence?

Rob Salafia talks in-depth about Executive Presence in his latest article published in Developing Leaders Quarterly.

Watch Rob in Action

Rob designs and delivers energized and engaging experiential learning programs utilizing his background as an Executive Coach, Actor, Stage Performer, Storyteller and Mindfulness Expert.

Leading from your Best Self by Rob Salafia
Leading from your Best Self

Leading from Your Best Self shows you how to: 

  • Maintain poise under the most stressful situations
  • Create a solid foundation of self-confidence and your own genuine leadership style
  • Use storytelling and metaphor to make your messages meaningful and memorable
  • Understand the sources of influence and power within organizations
  • Create a culture of learning within your own team and company

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