Show Up and Shine Online

Hosted by Rob Salafia

Leading in a Virtual World

3 Principles for Leading in a Virtual Environment

Managing Transitions

How to manage transitions with Breathe-Connect-Land©

Vocal Cadence

Landing your messages by developing a strong vocal cadence

Strong Online Presence

Technical and behavioural must-haves for a powerful, online presence

Enhance your online presence

Here at Protagonist, we’ve challenged ourselves to make the switch to virtual quickly. The primary focus was to enhance our virtual presence. It’s been quite a journey from laptop, to webcam, to now using a mirrorless camera and good lighting.

In this refresher course, Rob Salafia will introduce you to the many ways we’ve adapted our work to virtual and share insights to help you enhance your own virtual presence.

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Meet Rob

Driven by a passion to coach business leaders to develop their presence, tell compelling stories, and establish authentic connections, Rob Salafia combines two decades of experience as a top leadership development executive with a stellar past career in the performing arts.

In his current professional role, he assists leaders in their quests to build sharper levels of emotional and narrative intelligence, transition into higher organizational levels, and share their visions and strategies in compelling and relevant ways.

Great storytellers are willing to open themselves up and allow us to be in the story with them. We feel what they feel. We see what they see. And, most of all, we gain the realization and insight from the experience that they have had. Their story is our story.


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Show Up and Shine Online

Hosted by Rob Salafia