The Art of Self Promotion Without Being Self-Promoting

As an executive coach, I work with my clients to help them clarify what they truly want and then assist them in getting from where they are to where they want to be. Part of this
process involves identifying the ‘blockers’ or barriers that are in the way. From year-to-year I find certain themes surfacing among my
clients. One that seems to be coming up recently is the notion of self-promotion.

It is important for us to promote ourselves in a positive light and highlight our best skills and experiences. But how do we do this without being too self-promoting?

Executive Presence

Developing Leaders

Still Don’t Know What Executive Presence Means? We Have You Covered.

Executive presence is an element of leadership that is easy to recognize but difficult to develop. In fact, in a recent study by the Center for Talent Innovation, it was found that feedback on executive presence is often contradictory and confusing, and that 81% of those who are instructed to improve their executive
presence are unclear on how to act on it.

Communicating Through the Cracks

Communicating Through the Cracks

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Don’t assume your employees know how to process failure on their own. Resilience and adaptability are critical skills for leading change A Japanese proverb says, “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” But resilience is a learned art. As a senior leader, you have the power to help aspiring leaders get there. One task of […]

How “The Actor’s Secret” Can Help You Improve your Presentations

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Have you ever attended a live theater performance and left thrilled and energized by the experience? Have you ever wondered how the actors and performers on stage are able to bring that level of vitality and focus to every show? As executives and training professionals who are presenting and communicating day in and day out, […]

Make a choice to switch to a positive feeling

As an actor and performing artist, I have worked for many years to understand how my emotions show up on my face and in my body. As a sales executive, I didn’t think about how my emotions appeared. I’d get caught up in whatever was going on that day – deadlines, time crunches, to-do lists, […]

Most Hated to Most Admired: Tips on Transforming as a Leader

William, a cardiac surgeon, while enrolled in an MIT program took a position in a new hospital as a medical director of a department. This meant he would need to split his time between the operating room (OR) and overseeing the activities on the floor. This was something he had been considering for some time. […]

MIT Sloan Executive Education innovation@work Blog

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Robert Salafia says transformation is possible Rob Salafia is a Master Executive Coach at the MIT Leadership Center and part of the Executive Education coaching cadres for our Advanced Management Program (AMP), the Global Executive Academy, Executive MBA Program, and MIT Sloan Fellows. With two decades of experience as a top leadership development executive and an established career in […]

Alumnus draws on performing arts career to develop leadership strategies

In a new book, Rob Salafia ’76 shares skills developed on the stage  By Jim Keogh When he performed on the streets of Boston, Rob Salafia ’76 was learning how to establish his presence in front of an audience. When he walked across a wire onstage, he was navigating through his fear and finding his […]

You Might Consider Improving Your Executive Presence

Executive presence is an element of leadership that’s easy to recognize but difficult to develop, but might be the difference in your career progressing forward. Today’s post is by Rob Salafia, a principal at thoughtLEADERS and author of Leading from Your Best Self (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Executive presence is an element of leadership that’s easy to recognize but […]