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Online Development Courses

Having an effective “executive presence” is a determining factor for your business strategy, growing your career, and influence with others. 

Over the past few months, we have been developing an online, comprehensive leadership program that will take you and your team to the next level.

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"Rob engages with teams to build the relational fabric necessary to draw out the collective intelligence of each member and create sustained high performance."

Keynote Speaking

Are you looking for a dynamic way to kickstart your conference and ignite your audience? Look no further! Rob utilizes his background in theater and performing arts to create engaging and memorable experiences for any audience.  

“Rob’s presentation was stellar. Not only did he expertly grounded our members in clear and innovative leadership insights, but he got us UP ON OUR FEET with a fun exercise that demonstrated how we can immediately shift our energy in a positive manner.” Ken Lizotte, CEO Club of Boston

“Training alone improves leadership skills by 22%. When combined with Executive Coaching, improvement jumps to a whooping 76%” – Fortune Magazine
Executive Coaching

At Protagonist Consulting Group we employ story-based, developmental and positive psychology approaches to coaching executives.  Our process is emergent. We incorporate evidence-based methodology that enables sustained behavior change.

“Rob is an authentic leader and superb executive coach. He sincerely cares about his clients and strives to drive impact through his work. He helped me to unlock my ability to access my talents at a much deeper level needed to be an effective executive in today’s world.” – Giacomo Mascillaro, VP of Technology and Innovation

Small Group Skill Building Sessions

Throughout our programs we utilize a range of experiential learning techniques drawn from the disciplines of theater, visual arts, martial arts and mindfulness practices. We are highly skilled at creating safe, no-fault environments for learning, experimenting and improving.

Participants are asked to try on a variety of skills, attitudes and behaviors that help develop Poise, Presence, and Influence Skills. Each exercise is debriefed making clear application to current business situations and work-related interactions.

Large Group Learning

Leveraging my knowledge and experience as a performing artist working with large audiences to design engaging and interactive learning experiences for leaders at all levels. These sessions integrate seamlessly into larger leadership development programs and provide maximum impact at a reasonable cost.

Top Team Development

Taking the time to enhance the relationship fabric of your team and build trust and candor are the foundational elements to high performance. We leverage top research from Google, MIT, and others to create transformative experiences that unleash the best aspects of your team members.  Thus, the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts.

Open Enrollment Sessions

A 2-day, experiential and hands-on program designed to increase a leader’s self-awareness and build critical presence and communication skills necessary for leading and producing in an increasingly complex business environment. Combined with 1:1 Executive Coaching and you get MASSIVE return on your investment.

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